Andrei Cucu is a multimedia/sound artist and sound designer from Berlin trying the boundaries between sound/image/text/space/nature. His work often approaches translations between these different languages, with a special focus on sound, trying the interstices, correlations, interactions. The endless possibilities of manipulating these languages are explored and expanded in sound pieces, audiovisual pieces and images. Andrei has studied literature, comparative studies and sound design, all of which are reflected in the multifaceted manifestations of his art. His works are deeply personal, reflecting small moments, deeply intimate experiences or transformations.

Despite growing up in a city in the middle of Transylvania, his direct contact with nature was very limited, which is why many of the pieces deal with natural surroundings, open spaces, natural/contemplative themes, as a means of rediscovery of the outside world through art. The extremely occidentally focused perspective of early 90s Romania has helped form a cosmopolitan worldview which became even more acute after Andrei´s move to Berlin in 2014. This new environment and the beginning of his sound design studies have left a massive imprint on his art, turning it onto an experimental, conceptual area, opening an immense space for exploration and unexpected sensations.


2017 – Weltstadt –  together with Schlesische 27 presented at Agora Rollberg  (Berlin)

2018 – Luvuro at Lawrence asking for Mr. Frank – presented at LAWRENCE funun Gallery (Berlin)

2019 – When will I have been waiting long enough? – presented as part of 48h Neukölln, at Haus der Bildung Neukölln (Berlin)

2020 – As we entwine – together with Daniela Fromberg and Stefan Roigk, presented at Errant Sound Gallery, as part of transmediale Vorspiel 2020

2020 – AARC #1 TORTU together with Emre Birişmen, Melih Sarıgöl & Laura Mello, Oliver Möst, Özlem Sarıyıldız & Bora Yediel, Çiğdem Üçüncü & Steffi Weismann

2021 – A particularly sunny patch on the floor – a closed exhibition (due to Covid-19 measures)at Errant Sound Gallery


2017 – Close Quarters – Audiovisual Performance – presented at Spektrum Berlin, Noiseberg Performance series, Kantine am Berghain (Berlin), L’Atelier (Cluj-Napoca)

January, 2019 – Stranger, dancing – Audiovisual dance performance together with Yannis Mitsos – presented at Acker Stadt Palast (Berlin)

April, 2020 – Errant Shutdown Sound Night – nos. 1 (with Roberta Busechian and Geza Bobb) & 3 (with Laura Mello and Mariana Carvalho)

May, 2020 – hiding in a round bush like a sparrow/I hate mirrors in the dark, together with Yannis Mitsos

Radio pieces:

December, 2020 – 2 Islands broadcast on colaboradio on 88.4

May, 2021 – If these walls could talk (I wouldn´t be talking to myself) broadcast on colaboradio on 88.4


August, 2021 – Hungarian Suite

Member of Errant Sound Gallery since 2019.

As part of the Studio for Electroacoustic Music at Akademie der Künste, Berlin since January 2020:

Recording engineer for interviews, sound installations, video productions, radiophonic pieces for Arnold Dreyblatt, Netta Weiser, Martin Schüttler, Wolfgang Heiniger and Therese Schmidt, Ulrike Draesner, and others.

Technical and/or compositional assistance for projects by Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Juliana Hodkinson, Kristine Tjøgersen, Helmut Zapf, Mazen Kerbaj and Tony Elieh, Jessie Marino, Carola Bauckholt, and others.

As sound designer and composer for TRIAD Berlin between 2017 and 2019:

2019 – Composition and ambisonics sound design for the 360° Animation for the Gottorfer Globus

2019 – Sound design and editing for Bach Experience Space in Weimar

2018/19 – Sound design and composition for various interactive exhibits, films, animations and audio plays, as well as instrumental  recordings of specific Arabic Instruments for the King Salman Science Oasis

2017/18 – Sound design and composition for various interactive exhibits for Experimenta Heilbronn

2017 – Sound design in ambisonics for the 360° VR-Film for the Digital Tourist Information Center Erfurt

And others.