A particularly sunny patch on the floor

A particularly sunny patch on the floor is a collection of 3 poems. They are about vanity, about dancing and about singing. As an exploration of one person, they deal with the physical aspect of the body (Five dances and a landscape), with the sounding aspect of the body (Songs) and with the projection of the body (I smell of irises and dirt). Each poem is composed of a series of ink drawings and a corresponding sound piece.  They are about showing your voice (in a literal way), they are about showing your body, and being proud in doing it.

The images and the sounds of these three poems are to be exhibited as follows: two loudspeakers will stand opposite each other at the ends of the room. Along the walls, on both sides, the pictures pertaining to the three poems will be hung up (I smell of irises and dirt and Five dances and a landscape), or placed on the floor in the middle of the entire space (Songs).




Five dances and a landscape

Last night I danced in my sleep.
My feet and legs pulled up and down the sheets and my arms followed.
My neck turned in on itself, without moving my head, which is spinning on its own. From corner to corner, my back moves like a snake.
My dance floor, my resting place, my eyes closed, my limbs alive.

Five ways to move through the landscape.


I smell of irises and dirt


This is vanity, pride, the voice.
Look at my heaving chest, as you hear my cry. This is my call.

A sound poem for skin, small bell and peacock. The images are abstract cries broken shattered by their loudness. A voice that breaks.



These are the small melodies which flow out of me. Like honey, like snow, like branches, like air.

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