Sounds ecologizing sounds

An evening dedicated to sound ecology with NESTS reworked as a performance piece and followed by Janine Eisenächer´s spatial sound exploration. Thank you Apartment Project for the invitation and for hosting the event!

Livestream from 19.05.2021 – Video can be watched here

On the second episode of Chromatic Wednesday’s Ecology month, we are happy to host Andrei Cucu and Janine Eisenächer. The event will begin with Cucu’s sound performance titled NESTS, drafted as an attempt to disrupt the hierarchy between biophonic and anthropogenic sounds. It is the document of natural intervention, of a conversation between the natural soundscape of Krumme Lanke and the artist himself as a sounding human being. A conversation between birds, wind, trees and magnetic tape re-performed. Based on Bernie Krause’s acoustic ecology theory, Cucu based his sounding actions on an equal footing with the naturally occurring sounds. Anthropophony has the habit of placing itself above the natural soundscape, of disrupting the already existing way a certain place sounds and dominating it with its cars, factories, boomboxes, and cities. Cucu’s performance offers an ongoing investigative conversation.

We will transition from Cucu’s sound-sphere to Janine Eisenächer’s, who will take the floor with her performance Ecologies of Listening, Environmental Entanglements. In her performative installation, Eisenächer investigates the practice of creating and perceiving sounds as a mode of “inter-are” (S. Voegelin) and “being-with” (D. Haraway) the world. By listening to herself, to the things that surround her, to the Earth, and to the world, she wanders through different emotional and mental states and herein engages in real encounters with the things that are present in the space. Eisenächer explores the possibilities and conditions of co-existence and co-creation by playfully creating acoustic “string figures” (D. Haraway) in a care-taking, sometimes conflicting manner. These entanglements, which make every process in life a form of communication, collaboration and community, are part of us, of how we relate, of our movements and (inter-)actions, of our perceptions and experiences, of our bodies and minds, and of our world(s).

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