Stranger, dancing


Stranger, dancing is a performance combining generative music with improvised dance and live video projection into an estrangement of one’s body. Solo dance and solo musical performance combine into an image of ones body as a different entity, separate from oneself. Andrei Cucu and Yannis Mitsos have worked together to form a series of short narratives where the body is seen from an outside perspective, from within and from all the liminal spaces in between. The 30 minute performance acts as a portrayal of how ones perception of the own body can shift from an outside to an inside one, all the while going through a destructive process.

The project ́s central preoccupation is one ́s own perception of the body and its limits, and how an outer body experience can be turned on its head into a unitary self. Its three different sections represent the perception of the body as an ́other ́, the realisation that it is actually ones own and the acceptance and integration of this fact.

Stranger, dancing is a solo dance for oneself as another. It lives in the moment where one sees a dancer by her/himself and one realises that it is oneself dancing. The piece is the self-alienation which happens by means of an intimate trance and which leads to a temporary dissolution of the self. This moment of dispersion and the reemergence of a new form is what Stranger, dancing musically embodies.


Premiere: January 16, 17 in Acker Stadt Palast, Ackerstr. 169/170, 10115, Berlin, at 20:00


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