When will I have been waiting long enough?

‘When will I have been waiting long enough?’ is a sound installation about waiting. It shows the strange forms time takes while in such a situation. The piece asks all the questions which appear in this floating state in a playful, yet menacing way. As a visitor, one sits in the middle of the installation and is surrounded by the crooked perception of time. The main question is should I keep waiting or should I go? The piece is the forever in the future moment when all this time spent sitting ends. This moment exists only because of the indescribably long and infinitely heavy time before it. It is the expired past.

For this piece, I explored the space where I have spent the most time waiting and made the objects inhabiting it sound. These were then arranged into an almost claustrophobic piece, into a space where the wait never ends.

Presented at 48h Neukölln, 14-16th of June 2019, at Haus der Bildung Neukölln.



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