A particularly sunny patch on the floor

How strong must an impulse be in order to cause movement? How much effort do you need to stand still?

Did that sunny patch on the floor just move? If an exhibition is set up, but there is no one there to see it, can it be any good?

A particularly sunny patch on the floor was an exhibition of drawings and sound on the subject of stasis and motion. Balancing on the thin line between the two, the pieces exhibited approach the subject from two perspectives – sound and drawing.

On one hand, the drawings are fixed, still by their definition, yet the abstract images are in constant motion, showing repeating gestures, directions, speeds. On the other, the music, by definition in motion because it needs time to develop, is kept very still, receiving small impulses now and again to test how these reverberate, what reaction they cause.

Because of Covid-19 regulations, the exhibition was unfortunately closed to the public.

Drawings: ink and pencil on paper

Music: solo piece for prepared acoustic guitar

Errant Sound Gallery, Berlin

February 2021

Special Thanks to Andrei Zach for his help.

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