Wooden branch, nests of magnetic tape, sound exciters, sound piece/2019

Nests is an attempt at disrupting the hierarchy between biophonic and anthropophonic sound. It is the document of a natural intervention, of a conversation between the natural soundscape of Krumme Lanke and myself as a sounding human being. A conversation between birds, wind, trees and magnetic tape.

Based on Bernie Krause’s acoustic ecology theory, I based my sounding actions on an equal footing with the naturally occurring sounds. Anthropophony has the habit of placing itself above the natural soundscape, of disrupting the already existing way a certain place sounds and dominating it with its cars, factories, boomboxes and cities. This was an attempt at a conversation.

Shown as part of vorspiel Transmediale 2020 at the As we entwine exhibition at Errant Sound, 19.01-02.02.2020.

Photos by Stefan Roigk.


Sound Excerpt:


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